The Dancehall Generals Wednesday 5 February

8-10pm Dancehall style fresh from the box

Time with Divine Wednesday 5 February

6-8pm Informative and interesting conversation with a touch of uplifting music.

Cruising DaBoothe & MaXX Wednesday 5 February

4-6pm The Most entertaining radio show in Bristol! - Fresh new music, talk, hot gossip, interviews & of course all your travel updates, news & weather!

Steppin Raizer Wednesday 5 February

2-4pm with Corrd the Seeker A Vibrant mix of talk & music, the programs will be themed around topics both definite (e.g. African history, changing cultural habits, education) & esoteric

Womens Outlook Wednesday 5 February

12-2pm Political, social, and cultural issues with a woman’s focus.

Ujima Takeover Wednesday 5 February

Ujima Takeover

Ujima Pick Of The Week Wednesday 5 February

Listen to Ujima's weekly highlights. This is an one hour show, goes out on BBC Radio Bristol on Saturday and Sunday Mornings

RISE UP Breakfast (Wednesday) Wednesday 5 February

7-9am Wake up to RISE Breakfast presented by Presto, Marcus Booth, KP & Stacey Olika Produced by Presto. Plus weekly news round up with Rema Mukena from Bristol Post

Urban Grooves Playout Wednesday 5 February

6am-7am A playout of Urban Grooves!

Urban Grooves Playout Wednesday 5 February

4-6am A playout of Urban Grooves!

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